Our Story


Funded on kickstarter

In July of 2018 we doubled our funding goal and had our minds blown by the support for our Session Reel. Backers have been sending us pictures and stories of their adventures from coast to (international) coast, mountains to rivers, lakes to oceans. Watching our reel in the wild has been as humbling as it’s been exciting, and to say we’re thankful for our backers is an understatement. We’ll ALWAYS carry this spirit of humility, excitement and thankfulness into our brand and into every product we build.

Born in Encinitas, CA

Session was born on the sands of Cardiff Reef in Encinitas, CA. We wanted to build a reel that was tough enough to withstand saltwater sessions but was also beautiful, paying tribute to our surfy Southern California culture.

A Beautiful Design

Teaming up with Skye Walker, local Encinitas artist and rad muralist, we found the perfect design: a wave crest curling around a meticulously machined aluminum reel, with a drag system fully sealed from the elements.

A Different Culture

At Session Fly Fishing, we don't believe that fly fishing should be expensive, difficult or prohibiting. We are building a brand that produces beautiful, tough fly reels and gear at prices that are affordable. As we grow, we will team up with Adventure Sportspersons who you know from the Surfing, Snow Boarding, Skating worlds to produce educational videos showing how accessible, easy and rad fly fishing can be. Be on the lookout for collaboration projects with some of your favorite (or new favorite) brands from the Adventure Sports world.


The No Kooks Guarantee

We pledge to only build gear that is rad. We are pursuing more reel designs and fly fishing gear that will never make you look or feel like a kook. Guaranteed. If you ever feel like a kook in Session gear, return it for a full refund.